Who are we

We believe that our business and our brands reflect one another. We represent only true green economy - a branch with unique growth potential; we know green matters so much that we´ve taken the name to our hearts. Our business ethics are important to us therefore we only take in brands that we trust. We care about the people we sell the products to and the world we live in. We are passionate about what we do and our brands should be too.

Malene Birch,
Founder & CEO, Cand.polit, 37 år.

The founder and managing director, Malene Birch, has an education in Social Science of Economics from the Copenhagen University and has since worked both with strategic management, branding, venture capital and product development. She is focused on growth I harmony with the facilities and pipeline of our collaborating Brands. She has shown herself as an excellent strategic taking tough decisions without gambling with brand values. 

All green matters’ employees are people who have chosen this business with their heart.

Together we have a very extensive experience within distribution, strategic management, branding, communication/PR, sales and marketing. We are know by every corner of the business and work very closely with the premium retailers all over Denmark.  Our brands are presented through leading department stores, pharmacies, perfumery chains, hairdressers, beauty salons, exclusive health care stores and health food chains.


How do we work

Green matters is build on honesty, respect and coexistence. Nothing is more important to us than that. Both when it comes to our clients and our brands. We meet the clients with the respect they deserve, and with a charming & supporting attitude they rarely experience in the market. When we take in a new brand we won’t promise you more than we can keep because we respect the people we work with. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t work hard to get our brands to the top of mind and consumers baskets.

We create a unique position in the Danish market using events, press days, demos, morning tv-shows - everything that helps our united position grow, and anything to get our brands top of mind.

We are capable of consuming and digesting wast amount of knowledge, information and insight in ingredients and backgrounds. This is your guarantee that your USPs and brand strategy are seriously communicated to retailers, staff and consumers.